Reusable bags – what are your options?

Think all reusable bags are the same? Think again. While they all reduce the waste of single-use plastic carrier bags which, in turn, helps the environment, each comes with its own pros and cons. Which is why it helps if you know a little bit about the different types of reusable shopping bags available and … Continued

Who Do Custom Promotional Bags Work For?

There are many ways to promote a business, but there are not many as effective as the use of a custom promotional bags from Crazy Bags. Promotional bags are ideal for increasing the awareness of your brand. They allow your business logo to be seen by an abundance of people as your customers use it … Continued

5 Promotional Bags for Your Company

If you were to put down your mobile phone and look around your home, or if you’re reading this blog from work, maybe even on your desk, we guarantee that you will find a piece of promotional merchandise. Even if you’ve completely forgotten who gave it to you, that marketing ploy has served its purpose … Continued

Advantages of Paper Bags over Plastic Bags

In an age where the use of plastic is under a massive amount of scrutiny, here at Crazy Bags we have a vast, gorgeous range of paper bags to use to replace regular plastic bags that we see so commonly. There are various benefits to choosing to use a paper bag, such as their sustainability, … Continued

Why Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags are the way forward?

All over the web, there are heart-breaking videos of the damage that plastic carrier bags cause to our planet, the environment and its wildlife, from the sad scenes of a tortoise caught tangled in a plastic bag, to a video of diver filming himself swimming surrounded by a barrage of plastic bags. Because of the … Continued

Why get your next promotional bags order from Crazy Bags!

When it comes to finding the perfect partner for your business’ promotional bag printing, then it’s essential you do your research and identify the best partner both in terms of the quality of product and printing, as well as the businesses ethics and work practice. And here at Crazy Bags, we’re proud to offer a … Continued

Materials to Use For Your Reusable Shopping Bag

Here at CrazyBags we stock a wide range of reusable shopping bags which are perfect for both promotional and retail use. Made from our stock to bespoke design requirements, our bags can be made in a variety of materials. But which material should you choose? This post takes a look at the materials we use … Continued

Why choose a Tote Shopper Bag?

A Tote Shopper bag is a multi-purpose, stylish bag. They come in a variety of colours and designs – we have 18 different ones here at CrazyBags– and a Tote bag is now amongst the most sought-after bag styles on the market. It is the perfect bag to market your brand or business. Appropriate for … Continued

Why use JUCO – Jute & Cotton – bags?

The use of personalised bags for your business is a great aware to increase awareness of your brand. An extremely effective way of marketing, branded bags could prove an asset to your company. One style of our made to order bags on offer here at CrazyBags is our Juco bags. A blend of jute and cotton, … Continued

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