Punched Handle Carrier Bags

There are many different printed punched handle plastic bags to choose from at Crazy Bags. We provide such an extensive selection of the plastic bags, with the kidney bean shaped handle, to cater for the most diverse needs, ensuring that you find something suitable for your business needs.

You’ll find a wide range of colours within our collection of punched handle polythene bags so feel free to choose something that incorporates your brand colours!


The printed punched handle plastic bags are versatile; they can be used to carry almost any products and can include any print or design. Our polythene bags are designed to be eye-catching- they’re perfect for raising brand awareness! In addition to this, the punched handle polythene bags are luxurious, they are one of the most popular styles of carrier bags on the market- accommodating for various types of products.

The punched handle carrier polythene bags are an ideal promotional technique- the bags provide you with the opportunity to include a logo and to make your business more visually recognisable.

To find out more about the variety of printed punched handle carrier bags, call 01425 411 060!


Punched Handle Polythene Carrier

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