What is a Jute Bag?

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Jute is the material that makes up hessian cloth. In recent years, however, this strong and sturdy material has been used to create durable and attractive items such as our Jute shopping bags, and, as a result, its popularity has skyrocketed. Jute bags are often tightly woven and firmly sewn to reinforce their structure and allow them to be free standing, and most regularly have a strong rectangular base. CrazyBags, the UK’s number one supplier of branded promotional and retail bags, regularly creates Jute products for their customers, and have done so over nearly twenty years – ranging from Jute shopper bags to Jute tote bags, and that’s just scratching the surface of what we do! Here, they explain a little more about Jute and its properties.

The Fibres

Jute is one of the most commonly used vegetable fibres after cotton. It’s the versatility of these materials that make them so popular, which is why JUCO bags are great bag choices, but Jute is the coarser and stronger of the two, and so offers greater structural integrity as well as looking great and completely in keeping with the current interest in artisan style and earthy aesthetics. The cloth is mainly produced in South and East Asia, and CrazyBags ensures that firm ethical trading standards are met throughout each step of the process.

The Impact

Jute is ethically and sustainably farmed by CrazyBags’ suppliers, so you can be confident of the positive impact your carriers are having on the environment. Jute items are 100% vegetarian and vegan-friendly – as they are made from plant fibres only – and are hardy and reusable, meaning they can take the place of disposable shopping bags and help to reduce landfill waste and your company’s carbon footprint. A bulk order can last many months and will mean that you can turn your attention to the more pressing matters involved in the running of your business.

The Cost

This particular material is so widely farmed and so easy to produce that it is one of the most affordable natural fibres in existence – meaning that producers can pass the savings on. Ordering Jute products in bulk means that businesses and manufacturers are investing in lasting, eco-friendly, hardy material that will create little-to-no wastage. If your business chooses to print their brand logo and information on a Jute bag, for example, that piece of marketing can be taken out into the public domain over and over again, as the medium upon which it is displayed is perfectly practical for everyday use and will not wear out quickly. These Canberra Jute Bags are the perfect example of branded Jute bags done right!

Here at CrazyBags produces ethically sourced Jute bags of all shapes, sizes and colours, so you can specify exactly which look you envisage as part of your company’s branding. Whether you have a precise design in mind or require any amount of help and assistance in creating your bags, our team is on hand to provide advice – from troubleshooting to recommendations. If you feel Jute isn’t the material for you, you can also choose from polythene carrier bags, drawstring bags and backpacks, canvas and cotton bags and many more. Simply visit Core Bags, call the helpful team today on 01425 411 060 or email sales@ for further assistance and advice.

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